Building Styles and Methods

Our raised, stumped home designs are environmentally friendly as they only touch the ground with stumps and poles. The ground area under the house is left in its natural state. This nearly eliminates costly earth works, avoiding the added costs of paving, concrete slabs, retaining walls and possible sub-soil drainage. If required though all of our home designs can be built on a concrete slab.

Our home designs use an engineered floor method, utilising a long reach style of floor truss, this creates many benefits for the customer. Reduced amount of stumping keeps construction costs down and speedier construction times. Also creating huge open spaces under the homes which may be then used for car parking, workshops, storage area, or barbeque and entertaining areas. Our home designs utilise engineered roof trusses adding to the superior strength of our homes as they are an engineered component well before they are placed in a roof space and the construction starts.

Our unique designs using stumped and pole-framed homes are extremely strong and can withstand the test of time. Our homes are often constructed in cyclone and earthquake-prone areas. Total Home Frames home designs are cyclone rated and can endure higher wind loads if required. Our homes are suitable for the variety of soil types found throughout Western Australia especially clay soil areas.

On flat building site’s you may request your home to be built on a concrete slab which is also available on all of our home designs. See our latest price lists which allow you to build any of our designs on stumps/poles or a concrete slab.