GreenSmart and true NatHERS 6 Star Plus energy efficient homes

Our homes are constructed with treated renewable plantation resources, resulting in a near carbon-neutral product. This is almost the complete opposite of typical steelframed and clay brick homes that release enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the environment during the manufacturing process. In opposition, our houses incorporate timber and fibre cement products that have a low embodied energy. Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a material. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by manufacturing building materials is highly correlated with its embodied energy. The embodied energy of a fibre cement clad timber-framed wall system can be up to 60% lower than a clay brick wall. Therefore, our plantation-sourced treated timber-framed houses that incorporate fibre cement products are one of the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible building systems employed in the Australian building industry. Our clients can make a difference to their world by simply choosing to build a smarter way – a timber-framed home.

Our homes are highly energy efficient, meaning that your daily energy usage for heating and cooling will be minimised, now and into the future. We have large verandas around the home to protect from sun and rain, the result of which is a more stable indoor temperature throughout the day. Cross-ventilation is maximised by selective placement of windows and doors. North-facing windows allow for utmost heat gain during winter. Other strategies for improving energy efficiency include double-roof insulation, ceiling insulation, fully-insulated external walls and internal wall and floor insulation. We design all homes to have minimal heating and cooling requirements, saving you money in the long term. Good thermal performance of a house will not only mean lower energy bills but will provide you with a comfortable, healthy, naturally lit home, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and personal satisfaction in ‘making a difference’. Total Home Frames is committed to best practise approaches to sustainable design and building aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many of our employees are accredited GreenSmart Professionals. The GreenSmart Professionals Program is a HIA industry initiative for achieving more environmentally responsible housing solutions.

Some of our employees are ABSA certified to use the NatHERS rating system (Nationwide House energy Rating Scheme) which is a star system out of 10. This system is used to conduct thermal building performance assessments which rate the energy efficiency of a home based on its design. This software evaluates and can make improvements to the thermal efficiency of a new house design. This is a mandated Building Code of Australia requirement.