The Two Storey Series

The six home designs in our Two Storey series were all created to give the client more design options within the metropolitan area. With the trend of reducing block sizes over the last 10 years within the Perth metropolitan area, our homes give the client a choice to capitalise on blocks that are tight on space. All of our two storey designs are able to be built on a stumped floor system to eliminate costly earthworks or as standard be built on a concrete slab. We are building many of the Two Storey series designs within the Perth City area.

To recreate the spaciousness of our large Queenslander style home on a tight suburban block we designed a two storey version. The Queenslander Colonial is based on the Queenslander Series of homes and has similar features to this range. The ground floor includes a 2.4 metre ceiling height and the upper floor features a 2.7 metre ceiling height as standard. There is a feature portico to the front elevation of this home with a beautiful double stairway to compliment the entry. This home makes a grand statement and its large living areas upstairs and downstairs have seen it become very popular since its introduction.

The Lakeland is based on the Town and Country Series and similarly follows this design but again in a two storey layout. A favourite due to its large raking area to the family, meals and kitchen, which enhances the spaciousness of the central living areas. Many clients have maximised their views from the upstairs kitchen and living areas, to catch coastal or acreage views. With a portico entry upstairs to make a statement, and large living areas on both ground and upper floors this home provides the necessary space requirements of a family. A double carport is located downstairs for parking.

The Ultimate design as the name suggests allows the client to choose the floor plan. You can flip the downstairs and upstairs levels depending on how you wish to live. This design has a very modern front elevation giving it great street appeal – a feature which many clients look for in a new home today. The generous space to the living areas of this home provide the necessary area requirements for a family. Come in and find out more about this modern family home design today.

The Edge is named for the very modern ‘edge’ to the design of its front elevation! The three ridges to the front elevation of the home really are striking. Apart from its impressive look, internally this design makes the most of any views with the living, meals and kitchen areas situated upstairs. The large gable roof upstairs with large windows also means the central living areas are well-lit with natural light and flushed with natural ventilation. The high raking ceilings also add to the grand, spacious feel to the home. This design also features a large master bedroom with ensuite and additional bedrooms and living spaces (theatre/games room) downstairs.

The Vision Expanse as the name suggests is an expansive and spacious home. The upper floor contains the living, kitchen and meals areas which all open onto the verandah, which is perfect for entertaining, and increases the available living space of this home. The upstairs living area also features an exposed laminated timber beam with beautiful high raked ceilings to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. The large galley kitchen and walk in pantry will service a growing family or meet the needs of the serious chef or entertainer, with many windows to maximise the view from above. The downstairs area includes additional bedrooms, a theatre/games room, and more. Check out the eye-catching Vision Expanse for yourself.

The Custom Elite Deluxe is our new two storey design based off the new single storey Roofline display home. It has already proved a popular choice with the public as this design comes standard with an open gable and high raked ceilings upstairs. This is a large home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms but is cleverly designed to fit on blocks around the 300m 2 in size. The large ridge design with open gable includes large windows meaning the upstairs is spacious and naturally light- filled. This home was designed to maximise views so suits both metropolitan Perth as well as country blocks. The elevation can also be changed if you prefer a modern skillion flat roof design like our Roofline display home. Please ask your representative about building your Custom Elite Deluxe design.

All six homes can be built within the Perth metropolitan area on a slab or a stumped floor system and will fit on a standard sized block. Please phone 1300 812 128 to talk about the possibilities of building one of our Two Storey series on your block.